Dodgeball Returns

A.C. Brown ’10
Staff Reporter

Ready sports fans? It’s time once again to Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge. The annual McNamara Dodgeball Tournament is set to begin.

According to Coach Donald Perham, anticipation of this event had started as early as September. “Anticipation is at an all time high,” he said.

This tournament is a Round Robin style and is set to feature at least twelve teams of four boys and four girls. Then the teams will be separated by division with at least six teams playing at a time.

The highly favored LBD team hopes to finally win the championship to prove they are better than second place.

I asked Alex Powell ’09, one of LBD’s captains, if this was the year they would finally win the championship and he responded, “Definitely. Is that even a question?” If not, Alex Powell and Alex Clore ’09 expressed that they will have next year by passing the tradition down to their junior teammates Jeff Meekins ’10, Annie Czecha ’10, and Jackie Corley ’10. I asked Alex Clore if they had any strategies for winning and he did not want to disclose any details, but Alex Powell informed me of his rigorous training program. He described the process saying, “Dodgeball, eat my wheaties, condition, weight lifting, and more dodgeball.” They hope to leave McNamara with a championship, but having fun is their main goal.

Even though Mr. Perham is aware of the formidable LBD, he said “Everyone has a chance.” He seemed excited about this year with the infusion of new freshmen blood and the strong athletes this class features. He expressed caution to other teams not to take the freshmen lightly or they might just get “put in place.”

Even if you don’t want to be part of a team you can always be a spectator to cheer on teams or see somebody “get lit up.” Lastly, I asked for him to describe the teams participating in this year’s tournament saying, “Established teams are older and bolder, and Young teams are enthusiastic because they don’t know what’s going to hit them.”

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