STAFF EDITORIAL: Earth Conscious or Fashion Forward?

Julia Weaver '09 sits with her fashion forward bag. Photo by Jacqueline Wills '10.
Julia Weaver '09 sits with her fashion forward bag. Photo by Jacqueline Wills '10.


She’s strolling down the hall with her eco-friendly tote slung on her shoulder, and he sits at the lunch table dressed in his global warming awareness tee.  They sit down together and have lunch.  As they leave the cafeteria, she tosses her plastic bottle of water into the trash can and he throws away his Styrofoam cup. Wait, judging by their attire, aren’t they both living “Green” lives? Clearly, they are advocates for the Going Green Movement. But in recent years, the staff agrees that “going Green” has become a fashion trend more than anything.

People should back up their trends and not be posers.  Someone started it and everyone followed.  There are people who are concerned for the environment and its issues but for the majority of the people, that is not their main reason for doing it.  One day a person could be polluting, and the next day, you are Green. Everything’s a trend. Right now, going green is vogue because of the whole global warming crisis.  It is publicized with figures like Al Gore, celebrities and pop culture in general, so people naturally embraced it.   Some people are losing sight of the real meaning behind the movement. They want to seem like they care, and plus, Green stuff is cute.  It’s like the new definition of being a hippie.  They want to be seen like this and you can be considered eco-conscious if you put on a hippie headband, some sandals and a going Green bag; even if you do not have the knowledge to back up the fashion.  It has become just about buying Green clothes and bags because it is the new thing. However, it makes the problem more relevant.  The fashion brings attention to the environment.  By being ignorant and just following the trend, they are still spreading the issues.

Going Green is a fashionable and trendy, but at the same time, it makes people feel good because they believe that they are doing something helpful. It is a trend but it is like a good trend. When the fashion goes out of style, people will still remember the message that started it.  Since it is becoming a mindset and lifestyle, it will not die out like other trends.  Also, education has a lot to do with keeping the going Green movement alive.  People cannot be told, “Just put your cardboard in this bin,” without any idea of what they are actually doing.  If information about environmental conditions and concerns are spread to the youth generation through the celebrities, fashions and the media, then it will stick with them not just as a fashion statement but as a movement that will affect generations to follow.

Note: Staff Editorials represent the majority opinion of the staff, as debated in the newsroom.  The final editorial is then authored by Samantha Ahwah ’09, Op-Ed Editor.

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